Vanuatu Marine Slipway Demand Analysis

AMSTEC was contracted by ADB PSDI to conduct a Evaluation of demand for marine slipway in Vanuatu.

The purpose of the assignment is to assess the current market demand for and supply of vessel repair and maintenance services in Vanuatu. This work will provide necessary data to estimate the potential market size and revenue potential of a new slipway to be developed under a PPP modality.

NICON Slipway Santo

The analysis will review the market demand for domestic vessel and international vessel dockyard and slipway services based in Vanuatu. The review will include field work to assess existing facilities located at Santo and Efate Islands which are reported to various operational standards. The analysis will also assess likely demand and existing competition in the region and estimate the total costs of developing and operating a greenfield slipway facility at one of the two sites currently under consideration by the Government. The analysis will suggest options for private sector participation in the development of the customized slipway solution and likely operating revenues consistent with regional operators.


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