Manila Pasig-Marikina Rivers & Manila Bay & Laguna Lake

Project designed to strengthen water transport links and inland water transport through the development of a ferry link system as an alternative means of public transport around Metro Manila. The MAPALLA Ferry System aims to develop an integrated ferry system that will traverse Manila Bay, Pasig River/Marikina River and Laguna Lake. The Project will provide ferry services along the Manila Bay coast (to cover areas such as Cavite, Bulacan, and Bataan) and Laguna Lake (to cover the areas such as Laguna and Rizal).

Pasig River Manila

AMSTEC was contracted by CPCS to conduct site enablement reviews to identify requirements for the project, including planning of ferries, terminals and inland waterway assets and infrastructure, the size of land, utility services and access arrangement that are needed in the project, and consideration of technical/engineering and operations issues.
Review existing ferry system arrangement in the study areas, including the demand and supply of transport services.
Undertake detailed assessment of the demand and prepare forecast, taking into account the ferry system to be developed.
Conduct traffic surveys on passenger of other transport modes (i.e., rail, and road) and private vehicle users and determine the impact of the project to these modes and how developments in these modes may affect the project.
Identify the assets that will be required in the project, including necessary inter-connectivity/interconnection with the other modes of transportation.
Assist in the finalization of the MPSS for the construction, operation and maintenance of the ferry system covering the facilities, services that are needed (based on market analysis) and the services that need to be provided based on international practices, cost estimation and cost recovery methods keeping in view Government’s existing policies, etc.
Assist in the finalization of the projected costs for the project on a whole of life basis.
Assist in the project’s financial and economic analysis with inputs on the project rationale, project costs operations, maintenance, required contingency levels.

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