Papua New Guinea – Freight rate study

Adrian has been contracted by CPCS Transcom of Canada as the lead consultant on a project
to Review PNG Coastal Shipping Rates:

The project will investigate and review the current conditions and update the Domestic (coastal) Sea Freight Tariff introduced (last update) January 1991. In association with such review the investigation will review subsidiary charges that have subsequently been introduced for their appropriateness or otherwise.
To propose an appropriate and equitable tariff regime structure within the domestic shipping industry in Papua New Guineas appropriate to all stakeholders concerned including producers, consumers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers.
The detailed objectives include a requirement to report on:
(i)    Review of the current coastal freight structure and surcharges evident in PNG domestic shipping;
(ii)   Investigate the industry cost structure involved within the PNG coastal trade including fixed operating costs, variable costs and claimed hidden costs of operation on coastal trade routes within PNG coastal waters. The potential implications for price and service competition on the international and coastal trade.

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