Pakistan – Karachi Port Trust

Adrian is currently in Pakistan (March / April 2011)
engaged with Asian Development Bank in a project to for The Karachi Port Trust (KPT).
The Project will construct the Karachi Harbor Crossing of
14 km, comprising 3.2 embankments and 11 km bridges (including 10.1 km low-level bridges
and a 0.9 km main toll bridge over the Karachi Harbor Channel) estimated at $450 million.
To ensure the Bankability of the Project KPT wishes to prepare its 5-year business plan
(BP) and 15-year financial projections (FPs) and associated scenarios to be used as input to
update the Project’s feasibility study (PFS) and ADB has agreed to provide KPT with a smallscale
project preparatory technical assistance (SSTA) to help KPT prepare the BP and 15-year
FPs. The SSTA will also help KPT initiate the process of developing bidding documents for the
engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) contract and the selection and awarding of the
Project’s EPC contractor.

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