Rio Tinto Marine

In 2006 AMSTEC provided a suite of consulting services to Rio Tinto Marine (RTM) covering various objectives.

The project plan was designed to provide RTM with hard data and advisory services towards detailing an informed review of the Australia / New Zealand break bulk industry including identifying the key players, drivers and opportunities. This provided detail to investigate new market opportunities that would complement RTM capabilities and future requirements.

The primary objective of the projects is to inform RTM on;

  1. CARRIER STATUS – current break bulk carriers profiles, highlighting their:
  • Voyage route covering fixed load / discharge ports and any variance
  • Hardware being types and size of vessels deployed
  • Cargo handling capabilities i.e. box hold/gantry crane/shore gear requirements
  • Total fleet size and resources including brief company profile / history
  1. CARRIER TRADE ROUTE PROFILES – break bulk carrier trade particulars from Australia / New Zealand to Japan, Asia, SE Asia, USWC, USEC, with a specific focus on:
  • Listing Main carriers, associations and their resources specific to trading regions
  1. CARGO TRADE ROUTE PROFILES – type of break-bulk cargo shipped by each carrier (including terms of contract if possible)
  • Whether the break-bulk cargo is Australia /New Zealand backhaul or front haul
  • Whether the carriers ballast back to loading areas or there is cargo available from the discharge port locations
  • Specifics of cargo being shipped back from these disport locations
  • Type and volume of cargoes
  • Where this cargo lands in Australia
  1. POTENTIAL NEW CARRIERS – Opportunities and circumstances to allow entry of new carriers
  2. VOYAGE CALCULATION – example of a shipowner’s fixed cost voyage Proforma template

FREIGHT CALCULATION – example of variable cost freight rate Proforma template.

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