Fiji Ports – Masterplan

AMSTEC provided Project Management for the Fiji Ports Development Master Plan technical assistance (TA) project.







The main objectives were to improve efficiency and productivity of ports in Fiji. The outcome will be a government endorsed 20-year ports development master plan for Fiji’s six declared ports of entry. The outputs of the Technical Assistance were:

  1. 15 year demand assessment,
  2. port utilization study, and
  3. 7-year action plan.

The Services rendered were:
(i) Inception report outlining the consultants’ approach, methodology and work plan; and cost implications for consulting services. The report will provide activity and personnel schedules and recommend changes to the implementation
arrangements if required. The inception report will be submitted by the Port Specialist
within 4 weeks of the commencement of the TA.
(ii) Demand Assessment. The demand assessment will carry out a review and 15-year forecast
for major freight categories through Fiji ports. The demand forecast will analyze each freight
sector, focusing on containers, liquid, dry and break bulk, and vehicles. It will also consider
cruise ships, tourism vessels, local and international fishing vessels, and domestic ferry vessels. The
demand assessment will be submitted by the Port Specialist by the first quarter of 2016.
(iii) Port Utilization Study. Current port layouts, as well as short, medium, and long-term
plans will be provided for each port, to provide a framework for development to ensure capacity is
maximized to meet demand, while retaining flexibility to accommodate future changes. Port zones will be
reconfigured according to cargo type to maximize available berthing space, and ensure
efficient freight handling operations. It will consider freight land uses, such as containers, break bulk,
dry bulk, liquid bulk and vehicles; and non-freight land uses such as fishing, ship repair, and commercial
maritime space. The port utilization study will be submitted jointly by the Port Specialist and Port
Engineer by the second quarter of 2016.
(iv) 7-year action plan. A 7-year action plan identifying investments required to improve
each port’s efficiency will be developed, detailing specific projects, and operation and maintenance to
be undertaken by Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL). In prioritizing investments, the 7-year action plan will consider
previous port development plans and studies undertaken by FPCL. The 7-year action plan will be a joint
submission by the Port Specialist and Port Engineer by the second quarter of 2016.
(v) Draft Final report. The draft final report will summarize and consolidate the findings
of items (ii) to (iv), and integrate all findings to provide a 15-year ports master plan for the six
declared ports of entry managed by Fiji Ports Corporation Limited. It will be submitted jointly by the Port
Specialist and Port Engineer by the second quarter of 2016.
(vi) Final Report. The final report will be submitted within four weeks of receiving from
ADB and the government comments on the draft final report.

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