Newcastle Port Corporation

In 2006 AMSTEC undertook a suite of consulting projects on behalf of Newcastle Port Corporation (NPC), NSW Australia.

AMSTEC Design Pty Limited was engaged on 31 January 2006 to conduct research and provide an informed set of reports to Newcastle Port Corporation (NPC) relative to trade development prospects. The project delivered concise information to assist with understanding more of the decision making process associated with the selection of port calls from a Shipping lines’ perspective and what types of value proposition is meaningful to this industry sector. Relative to this and recent developments in infrastructure planning in NSW what supporting utilisation evidence would realistically underpin a development strategy whereby NPC could make board submission towards investment and operation of certain specialised equipment within the port.
The background to this being the uncertainty voiced by various shipping Lines as to plans and associated particulars pertaining to the closure of East Darling Harbour, White Bay and Glebe Island in NSW, Australia at that time.
Newcastle Port Corporation (NPC) is a statutory corporation of the NSW Government charged with the responsibility of managing commercial shipping activity in the port of Newcastle. In keeping with the 05/06 business plan the NPC has as targets diversifying
the trade base and maximising the best use of port land.
The development opportunities reflected in this study provide evidence towards supporting a short to medium term strategy of attracting new business to the existing Carrington site through expanding selected services and infrastructure to support new
user’s demands. Also included is a view on longer term sustainable business throughput at the Mayfield site, underpinned by service levels being proven to those attracted to stage one.
This study served to provide background and Industry insight necessary to allow consideration towards designing a targeted strategy in attempts to capture new business.
During the course of the study new findings provided enough evidence to investigate automotive vehicle imports into NSW ports. This report also reflects these new findings towards supporting development potential at Newcastle port for the motor vehicle
Industry. This in itself is a study to understand the complex set of requirements and demands required by the motor vehicle import industries.
The initial stage of the study dealt with interviews and outcomes discussions with key decision makers of shipping lines calling direct at East Darling Harbour. Then followed a more focussed approach which included interviewing motor vehicle importers.

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