Mount Isa Townsville Economic Zone

AMSTEC was engaged by MITEZ to provide data relating to freight travelling to, from and along the Flinders / Barkly Highway road corridor between Townsville and Mount Isa in NW Queensland.  Through consultation with key government agencies it became apparent that this data is non-existent, but would be highly useful for planning agencies.  The study included other major roads linking to the Flinders Highway that service and supply major industries.  The information will also assist government planning, freight users and transport providers in understanding what is occurring andwhat opportunities and value adding exists for businesses and transport operators.
The data will also assist in projecting future demand to ensure capacity exists for road, rail and port.  The project has key regional partners involved through the formation of a reference group for the project to ensure all stakeholder input is considered.  This group includes –  MITEZ, DEEDI (DPI&F and EID&I), Main Roads, Department of Transport, CSIRO, Department of Infrastructure and Planning, TEL, Local Governments across the region, Xstrata, BHP Billiton, Townsville Port, Legend International.
“extensively consulting with freight users, provide accurate data on freight logistics to identify what forms of transport are currently being used and what types of goods/ products are being transported across the MITEZ corridor and the reasons why a particular mode is used and what are the alternatives.
An analysis, based on the volume and type of freight currently being carted by road on the Flinders Highway. This data will be collated from information provided by road transport operators.
Identify freight which has shifted from rail to road – primarily this was to ensure freight which is identified as ‘rail’ freight be included in QRN/ARG future forecasting schedules.”
The Report can be viewed on the following link:

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