Papua New Guinea – Freight rate study

Adrian has been contracted by CPCS Transcom of Canada as the lead consultant on a project to Review PNG Coastal Shipping Rates: The project will investigate and review the current conditions and update the Domestic (coastal) Sea Freight Tariff introduced (last update) January 1991. In association with such review the investigation will review subsidiary charges […]

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Pakistan – Karachi Port Trust

Adrian is currently in Pakistan (March / April 2011) engaged with Asian Development Bank in a project to for The Karachi Port Trust (KPT). The Project will construct the Karachi Harbor Crossing of 14 km, comprising 3.2 embankments and 11 km bridges (including 10.1 km low-level bridges and a 0.9 km main toll bridge over […]

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CopperString Project

The Road Impact Assessment was analysed using Average Annual Daily Traffic counts (AADT’s) supplied by TMR, along the Flinders and Barkly Highways for 2009, for all vehicles, and for light vehicles and heavy vehicles. Indicators of likely increases in Equivalent Standard Axles (ESA’s) were calculated to review the pavement impact based upon a worse case model scenario. The traffic counts were tabulated to conform to the TMR standards for assessment of the spatial extent of impact providing the number of heavy vehicles being road trains using the freight corridor. Then the volume of materials and worker movements required for the Project construction period were modelled to provide individual occurrence by activity and aggregated totals to provide traffic impacts for comparison against the existing road usage with and without the development scenarios.
? Fieldwork site visit inspections carried out in August and September 2010 in order to make assessments of road pavement conditions and intersections with the main highways accessing the Project region. The field inspections were undertaken to assess the current condition of the infrastructure available and to identify any deficiencies or problems that might impinge on the project including road formations, surfaces, intersections, signage, railway crossings, accident and safety aspects, capacity to take wide loads, rest areas and fatigue management. Views of current major road users were sought along with Departmental, Local Government and community views on these aspects.

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Mount Isa Townsville Economic Zone
“extensively consulting with freight users, provide accurate data on freight logistics to identify what forms of transport are currently being used and what types of goods/ products are being transported across the MITEZ corridor and the reasons why a particular mode is used and what are the alternatives.

An analysis, based on the volume and type of freight currently being carted by road on the Flinders Highway. This data will be collated from information provided by road transport operators.

Identify freight which has shifted from rail to road – primarily this was to ensure freight which is identified as ‘rail’ freight be included in QRN/ARG future forecasting schedules.”
The Report can be viewed on the following link:

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