Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand-Growth Triangle

The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand-Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) has a focus to the maritime sector for the development of Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) services, especially across the Straits of Melaka and ports in Sumatra and Southern Thailand. RoRo services are expected to
strengthen connectivity of the subregion by facilitating movement of goods and people.
Similar to the Phuket, Thailand – Belawan, Indonesia – Penang, Malaysia route, the Trang, Thailand – Belawan – Penang route is expected to be a significant RoRo shipping route plying IMT countries with local aspirations. While the former route was studied by JICA in 2012, the latter, especially the section of Trang-Belawan, has not undergone detailed analysis including its natural condition, infrastructure, institutional arrangements and demand analysis.


AMSTEC was contracted by ADB SE Asia Dept. to conduct a feasibility study on the RoRo shipping service plying Trang-Belawan-Penang, following previous studies by other organizations. Collection and analysis of needed information to facilitate investments by the private sector in RoRo services in the region; and support the growth of international RoRo operations in the IMT-GT subregional area.

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